Saturday, 9 May 2009


Welcome to The Vintage Shops First Blog!!

As our website is under construction..i thought this would be a super duper way to communciate with you lovely people and let you know about all the delicious vintage bits and pieces we've been getting into the shop. Also i'll be able to tell you about events, upcoming vintage fairs etc etc. I plan to post pics of some of the lovely bits we get into the shop,and if there's anything that takes your fancy then you can always call us up and have first dibs!

Recent News...Following the Burlesque show (Striporama) at Telfords Warehouse in Chester last Thursday 30th, the headline act KITTEN DE VILLE held a workshop at The Vintage Shop on the saturday. Around 20-25 women took part in the workshop..which ended up being very hot and sweaty..but a good old giggle. Kitten taught various burlesque moves, gave advice on making costumes,confidence and explained how she got into the industry. The event was a great success and the ladies who came enjoyed 20% discount,wine,nibbles and some after hours shopping. We will defnitley be looking to host events in the shop over the coming summer if you have any ideas..please get in touch.
p.s. the picture above shows kitten with her burlesque brigade after the workshop.

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