Monday, 8 March 2010


The Vintage Shop is SO happy to welcome and warmer weather back into our lives!!! And with this warmer weather comes....WARDROBE CHANGE!!! It's been a long winter and we've been happy to supply you all with tons of gorgeous vintage furs,boots,coats and gloves. If you want to catch the last of our bargain furs...get down to the shop asap as they'll be on their way out and wont rejoin us until later on in the year!

So let's talk spring..........this season's biggest looks...NUDES,NAUTICAL AND TRIBAL....although we don't like to follow the trends here at the vintage shop...we are always pleased to offer you with authentic vintage alternatives to what you're seeing on the high come and take a look at what we've got to wont be dissapointed!!!

NOW MEN.....don't panic...we still have some fab stock for you...we've just moved you to the back of the shop as the womens stock has doubled in it's amount! We are looking to increase the amount of mens stock as soon as poss so keep checking in to see what new stuff we've put out!

As some of you may have noticed...the shop is looking prettier and fuller by the day...we try to put new gorgeous goodies out every single day...but if there's anything in particular you're looking for..just ASK..we'll be more than happy to look in the stock room for you or put you on our wish list and source any items for you!

I've added some pictures of the shop looking lovely to give you a taste of what you can expect to find when you come through our door....we look forward to seeing you very soon!

Monday, 4 January 2010

The first Vintage Shop Sale!!!!

Hello and Happy New Year to our Gorgwah and divine Vintage chums! Apologies for the lack of Blogginess....... thats been due to the amount of new things we have added in to our fabulous magpies den of girly has taken ages to process the lovely things we have in store now! Our first resolution is to keep the Blog up to date.....and then to take heed of the old adage 'In with new and out with the old!' Sounds harsh and not very green ...but really its our first yearly fashion Retrospective! We've taken a look at some bits and pieces that need to move now, to make space for the groaning new seasons's pretty things that are just waiting in the wings for their breathtaking appearance!....... so we just HAVE to have our first fabulous SALE........ to clear some hangers..............Hurrah...... So why not pop in and grab a fantastic Vintage Shop bargain